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Jul 2, 2011 10:00pm EDT
taxes, bailouts or big govvrnment spending, the tea partyyis making some noise. guitar ((vo)) baaked by stars likeerocker ted nuuent. ((take sot))ttd nugent,rooker: "we ((ttke vo)) glenn beck and -3 sarah palin. the tea party is - wwil theirr ole be in 2012?? ((taak sot))u.s. rrp michelle bachmann, (r))miineeota: "and tea paaty is juss the farr right wing of the conservative parry but i'm here to tell you nothing is farther froo the - trrth.""((take vo)) congresswoman michelle bachmann is making clear in her ruu for ppesident she stands with the teaaparty. ((sot))george rodriguez, sa tea party president: "we aar going o have a great mpact and we're having annimpact 3roddiguez is presiddnt of the san annonno tee party. ((sot)) george roddiguez, sa tea pprty preeideet: "people are very 3 people are very upset with the price of gasooine. peopleeare very upset with the price of food and all oo these things have a direct coorelation to graceewhite, reporter::""t's -3 important tt know the tea party is not a pooitical party, it'ssa movement. hile it's unli
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1